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Fish Feed Extruder

MPT Floating Fish Feed Extruder

dry type floating fish feed extruder machine

Dry Fish Feed Extruder

Dry fish feed extruder is well designed to produce high quality fish feed without applying steam. MPT dry type floating fish feed extruders are available in five models. These machines cover diameter of extruded product with a wide range of 0.5 mm to 20 mm for the most proffesional types of aquatic feed.

wet type floating fish feed extruder machine

Wet Fish Feed Extruder

Wet fish feed extruder machine is ideal for large capacity production. MPT wet type fish feed extruder can be used to produce a wide range of aquatic feed. These MPT extruder machines are introduced in four models to produce floating and sinking feed for diffenrent types of fish and shrimp.

sink fish feed pellet mill

Fish Feed Pellet Mill

Extrusion cooking is the most preferred technology to produce fish feed that can be found in MPT fish feed extruders. Pellet Mill are another known technology to produce some types of aquatic feed (like shrimp feed and carp fish feed). MPT Pellet Mill is the best machine to produce high quality compact feed for aquatic animals.

fish feed dryer

Fish Feed Dryer

The product of the wet type fish feed extuder should be passed through fish feed dryer (with hot air). But, dry fish feed extruder usually does't need any dryer. Fish feed pellet mill product also needs to be dried (with cold air). MPT fish feed dryer is constructed in three differnt designs: Belt dryer, counter-flow dryer and cross-flow dryer.

floating fish feed mixer

Fish Feed Mixer

Fish feed mixer is very important to obtain the uniformity the final extruded or pelletized fish feed. A homogenous input powder can be also effective on the energy consumption of the fish feed extruder (specially dry type extruder). MPT fish feed mixers are proffesional machine that enable the customer to obtain the highest quality with the least effort.

Fish feed grinder machine

Fish Feed Grinder

Fish feed grinder is an essential machine to make fish feed specially when extruder machine technology is used. The finess of material increases the quality of the extruded product. MPT fish feed grinder is well designed to provide the maximum effeciency for both types of dry and wet fish feed extruders.

floating fish feed production plant

Fish Feed Plant

Wide range of fish feed plant (30-3000 kg/hr) are provided by MPT to meet each customer demands. Our fish feed plants are usually based on high pressure extruders for both floating and sink types of fish feed. For producting fish feed, extruder technology is much beneficial than pellet mill technology.

aquatic feed production line

MPT Other Products

MPT fish feed production line consists of many different machines such as fish feed extruder, dryer, grinder, mixer etc. We are proffesional manufacturer and experts in the fish feed production process. Our machines are well customized to provide the highest quality in the fish feed production plants.


About us.

MPT group has three decades experience of manufacturing fish feed production line and machinery. Our machines proved to be highly reliable to produce the best fish feed. Rational prices and the best quality of our fish feed extruders are well known by customers. Dry Fish Feed Extruder, Wet Fish Feed Extruder and Pellet Mill are three machines taht attract more attensions due to their advanced technology. These machines are built to work forever. In other words, our fish feed extruder and pellet mill can work 24 hours each day without stop. Our company motto is "MPT Machines last forever".

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We have shipping to worldwide. Our companay is located in city of Isfahan (Iran country).

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Know more about MPT Extrusion Technology Company

MPT Fish Feed Extruder Technology

Mohammadi and Son

Founders & Managers

Everything comes from the intuition of Eng A.Mohammadi (Mechanical engineer) about 38 years ago. He started to design and manufacture livestock and poultry feed production lines when there were few related companies around the world. With the progress of the company, his elder son Dr. M.Mohammadi (Phd. in mechanical engineering) joind the group to better extend the activity of the company. Tody, MPT fish feed extruders and pellet mills are two of the most important of our products that leading in the current industry.


MPT Staff

Design & Manufacture

MPT staff consists of two departments: Design engineers and Construction technicians. The design engineers is the leading part of the company that has a leading role. MPT is so precise two choose the bests as engineer to employ. The second department (construction team) are highly experienced technicians that are well trained to be strict in work. These men and women are the most proffesional ones in their field. The close cooperation of MPT staff introduced fish feed extruders and other machinery that last forever.


MPT Background


The histroy of MPT returns to the about four decades ago when our first machines that were a double shaft mixer and a grinder to produce animal feed were built. After fifteen years, we started to manufacture pellet mill machinery that play a key role in animal feed industry. Some years, passed that MPT introduce its own high pressure extruder machines as the highest technology in aquatic feed industry. These advanced machines attract considerable attension as floating fish feed extruders during the last two decades.

MPT Extrusion
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